Neighborhood Link

Our Team

It would be difficult to find a more disparate group of professionals. Our diverse backgrounds, hobbies, religious beliefs and political stripes might make us appear more like a handpicked group for a combative reality-TV show than a cohesive team. We sometimes argue like a dysfunctional family, but our communal respect and loyalty make for a common commitment that rivals many marriages.

Our team is committed to success. We share a common goal to build stronger communities throughout the U.S. and share a common track record of acknowledged success. Below we are listed in alphabetical order.

President, CEO, Co-Founder – Don Bachner

With the intense fortitude and masochism necessary to oversee this diverse team, Don administers all aspects of Neighborhood Link’s operations. He has been the guiding force behind many aspects of both Neighborhood Link and E.Central since he co-founded both companies in the nineties. Don holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science from the Ohio State University and he spent over 20 years of his early life in the air as a pilot for Flying Tigers and Fed Ex. At Fed Ex he also learned enough about computers, databases and networks to be dangerous. His current passions run the gamut from hanging out with his wife Linda and their 2 cats, hiking the Colorado mountains, visiting Paris, discussing football and a never ending quest for great ethnic food. He has also served on the board of his HOA for more than 10 years.

Director of Customer Service – Susan Eisenhower

Susan’s genuine empathy for other people makes her an ideal person to support Neighborhood Link users with their questions or concerns. Her degree in bilingual education allows her to switch naturally between English and Spanish when talking to customers. She has a deep abiding dislike for bureaucracies which is oddly coupled with an uncanny talent for conversing with them. Using this skill she has helped countless people solve problems, not just in their neighborhoods, but also with the government agencies and large corporations that influence their lives. She graduated, with honors, from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and occasionally surprises the Neighborhood Link staff with one of her tasty creations! Susan often spends her time away from the office serving as a hospice volunteer or singing with her church choir.

Co-Founder – Ted Pinkowitz

Ted is a veteran entrepreneur and is co-founder of both Neighborhood Link and E.Central. Ted’s current role is primarily as an advisor to Neighborhood Link. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Penn State and often uses his understanding of how people think to offer unique perspectives in staff meetings. He has a passion for the arts, founding and formerly published ICON, a monthly arts and popular culture newspaper with a distribution that reached 50,000. Ted loves painting, biking, hiking, and generally being outdoors; and he travels extensively with his wife and two children. Ted is also the chair of the marketing committee for his children's elementary school. He is proud of the fact that he helped increase neighborhood enrollment dramatically and overall enrollment by over 33%. The school is utilizing a Neighborhood Link website with great success as well!

Director of Business Development – Raymond Robinson

Raymond has an extraordinary knack for translating complex technical concepts into ideas understood by normal people. His work for Apple, AT&T and Colorado Memory Systems (now a division of HP) has given him a broad exposure to the technology industry. Raymond talks naturally with nearly anyone and is equally at home explaining Neighborhood Link to engineers, civic leaders, television celebrities, or senior citizens at retirement centers. Using this ability to communicate, Raymond has developed hundreds of online resources that serve neighborhoods across the nation. To the chagrin of his friends, he is a devout news junkie and loves talking politics and debating policy. His time away from work is spent almost exclusively with his wife and four children.

Director of Programming – Trey Spangenberg

Trey is to the technical world what Dr. House is to medicine. He is methodical and absolutely confident that there is a solution to even the most complex problem. His dogged determination to find solutions has resulted in many of the programming innovations used at Neighborhood Link. This originality has allowed Neighborhood Link to be used successfully by even the most novice computer users. He is a sponge for anything technical and stays abreast and immersed in all the latest developments in the technology industry. Trey is a Colorado native with deep roots in the Denver community, where Neighborhood Link is headquartered.