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Crestview Chateaux

If you live on-site here you have certainly noticed the work to put on new roofs which began at our condominium community on Monday, March 1st, 2021. The company doing this project is Five Guys Roofing.


At present, they have completed the majority of the work on all of the dwelling buildings except "D" (which is ongoing) - this being with the tile replacement portion of this comprehensive project.


There has been a crew here on this project most every day, sometimes as many as 7 days a week, usually save for rain delays.

The order of which building went first, second, and so on was based on their professional opinion as to the roofs that seemed to be in worst shape, then to the second oldest (typically) and so on.


The tile reset portion of the job on the remaining buildings is planned as follows in these date ranges, subject to change:

Building A: Largely finished

Building B: Mostly complete

Building C: Considerably replaced

Building E: Primarily done

Building F: In finishing stages

Building G: At the final portions

Building D: 4/12 to 4/21

Pool House: 4/20 to 4/28.


A trailer for construction debris is parked next to each building in the most active stage of the process. They use this to toss down old tar paper, bad plywood, and broken roof tiles. Extreme caution is urged when/if you are near an active location.


The roofing workers have picked up some of the stray items that have not yet made it in the trash trailer (i.e. nails) but a fairly significant amount of the usually smaller-sized related construction waste materials are still on the ground loose in numerous places in the rock and some grass, so please proceed with caution in those areas closest to the buildings - even if no work appears active - AND please know that once the entire project is close to completion (sometime in mid-May) they will do, at a more detailed level, a picking up of most of said stray items.


If you see areas on each roof that are still showing exposed tar paper and the like with no tiles yet affixed in place, THIS IS NORMAL and done on purpose. It is done this way as a staging area for additional needed access and to calculate in real-time precisley how many more roof tiles (if any) need to be brought up on to each roof!


Know that once all of the tile work has been completed, they are still not totally complete...then they will come back to do the flat roof portions of each building. This will not require trailer parking, but simply a work truck with the supplies needed. It will be parked in an open spot close to the building they are working on each day. The silicon work will take about a week and half in total.


They are targeting to begin that part of the job on 4/23 going through 5/4, starting on Building A and then moving forward in the same order as the tile work, which should give the tile crew enough time to complete the last 2 buildings and both the silicon and tile crews should be wrapping up around the same time.


Please keep in mind that all of the dates at each stage of the project are estimations and may vary given weather conditions.


Again, know that where each building's perimeter is located in the midst of the most labor-intensive part of the job at the time, there are items that are frequently dropped from the roofs. These areas have the bright yellow "Caution" tape around the select portions to indicate work is being done on that specific building and that people should not step in that are. This, of course, is to be removed once work has been completed on said building.


While working on each building they are also to cover any windows that are near debris drop off points with plywood if deemed necessary to prevent any window damage. All work areas will be cleaned of debris daily to ensure the safety of residents and protect the property. 


The roof trash/dump trailer parking is a bit tricky in some cases. It is necessary to have the dump trailer close to the building in order to haul away aformentioned debris. For buildings A, B, C, F, and E, it is pretty straight forward; they intend to simply be parking it in the spots closest to the building that are uncovered. However, when they get to buildings D and G, it gets a bit more complicated.


For building D, they are thinking of pulling this required trailer into the paved circle directly in front of the entrance. With Building G, they are still discussing what to do but are thinking somewhere in the dirt close by.


There are to be updates on that the closer they get to those buildings. For the pool house, the plan is since it is comparatively small, they will haul debris by hand to the dump trailer.  


We hope you find some or all of this information helpful. If you have any questions please let us know! We want to make sure this job goes as smoothly as possible and plan to provide progress updates along the way.

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