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Crestview Chateaux

Due to the rain and excessive moisture we have received this week, the paving company did not send out a crew to resurface our asphalt parking areas. Please watch for the revised incremental schedule as it becomes available.


When it starts up, it is imperative that ALL vehicles are moved from these designated areas by 7am on the day the work is to take place in order to avoid the $65.00 charge of moving any vehicles.


Thank you for your understanding in this matter and if you have any further questions or should you require any additional information please reach out to Heywood Management (nick@heywoodmanagement.com or phone (480) 820-1519).



We are the owners and occupants of an 84-unit condominium complex. This is a community of neighbors where YOU can be heard and involved. Be sure to check out the latest updates posted on our bulletin board by the pool as another source of information in addition to what is at this website as to what's going on in our Association and surrounding area.

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