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12/27/09 The Denver Post "OMG, what a digital decade?"
2/22/09 The "What does the stimulus package mean for me?"
4/8/07 The Charlotte Observer "Why, thanks. That was mighty neighborly of you"
2/17/07 The Charlotte Observer "In a Neighborhood Link community?: Network of free Web sites allows residents to share information"
4/13/06 AZ "Chandler neighborhoods spread word on the Web"
08/04/05 Dallas Morning News "Garland Park: Area Web Sites in the News"
02/26/05 Kansas City Star "Overland Park mayoral candidates to appear at online forum"
10/29/00 The New York Times "Local Boards Enter Cyberspace: Call Them Dot.Comms"
9/29/00 Los Angeles Times "Web site announced that will link L.A. to public"
9/4/00 Nation's Cities Weekly "Detroit Gains Free Neighborhood Web Pages"
9/1/00 The City Line - Santa Ana "City Goes Online with Neighborhood Link"
8/14/00 Public Power Weekly "Wyandotte Web network gets 50,000 hits in first six weeks"
5/18/00 The Orange County Register "Web Links Focus of City Session"
2/23/00 Florida Public Life "Neighborhood Link Offers Free Web Sites"
1/31/00 The Civic Index "Measuring your Community's Civic Health"
1/31/00 American City & County "Neighbors Get Linked on Community Web Site"
1/27/00 Cincinnati City Beat "Internet Start-Ups Clicking - Local Web sites look to provide community links"
1/25/00 Sentinel Tribune "Bowling Green Links Up With Web Site"
1/24/00 Longmont Daily Times Call "Neighborhood Link"
1/18/00 The Coloradoan "Internet Service Seeks to Link City's Neighborhoods on WWW"
1/10/00 UT Digest "Loongmont Partners With Web Based Group"
11/15/99 The Denver Post "Community program connects computer have-nots to Internet"
10/18/99 Dallas Morning News "Close to Home Pages"
10/13/99 Public Power Daily "Nashville Electric Service Signs on With Neighborhood Link"
10/11/99 Nation's Cities Weekly "Free Neighborhood Web Sites Build Citizen Involvement"
10/1/99 ColoradoBiz Magazine "Neighborhood Net, Ted Pinkowitz has everyone on the Internet talking - to their neighbors"
9/15/99 Columbus Daily Reporter "Neighborhood Web site backed by Bank One, Time Warner, Fannie Mae, United Way"
9/13/99 Arizona Republic "Web Sites"
9/9/99 Greater Columbus Chamber Advisory "Neighborhood Link"
9/2/99 The New York Times "Democracy Finds Fertile Ground Online"
9/2/99 Cincinnati City Beat "Internet-Based Community Concept Plans to Compete with Town Meeting"
8/30/99 New Orleans City Business "Local Web sites unhappy over new kid in the neighborhood"
8/29/99 Dallas Morning News "Neighborhood Groups learn how to flex muscles"
7/28/99 San Antonio Express News "VIA drives onto Internet with routes, maps, more"
7/26/99 Nation's Cities Weekly "New Orleans Starts Project for Free Neighborhood Web Sites"
7/17/99 The Times-Picayune "City Groups Have Place on Internet to Call Home"
7/1/99 Condo & HOA Management "Free Web sites now available for community associations"
6/26/99 River City News "Communities Spread Word"
6/21/99 Rider Reader "Via and Neighborhood Link Team Up"
5/20/99 German Village Gazette "Company offers Web sites for civic groups"
5/19/99 Dublin News "Company offers Web sites"
5/19/99 Northland News "Company offers Web sites for civic groups"
5/19/99 Westerville News & Public Opinion "Company allows civic groups to connect using Web sites"
5/1/99 "Web Development at the Grass Roots"
5/1/99 Government Technology "Neighborhood Link: The Civic-Minded Web Site"
4/11/99 The Edmund Sun "Web offers places for neighbors to gather online"
4/7/99 Douglas County News "Neighborhood Link offers the means for people to stay in touch"
4/5/99 Public Power Weekly "HTC offers new service"
4/1/99 PC Alamode "Free Web sites for San Antonio Neighborhoods"
4/1/99 Stockton Blvd. Resource Center "Surfing the Net with Neighborhood Link"
3/22/99 Denver Post "Denver company helps neighbors keep in touch"
3/15/99 Santa Barbara News "Next-door neighbors find link on Web"
3/14/99 The Tennessean "Places for neighbors to gather online"
3/13/99 Austin American Statesman "The site next door"
3/12/99 Star Tribune "Neighborhood Web sites"
3/5/99 Manhattan Mercury "Keep up with your neighbors on the world wide web"
3/4/99 New York Times "For Neighborhoods in Many Cities, Virtual Community Centers"
2/28/99 St. Petersburg Times "Neighborhoods discover new link on the Internet"
2/10/99 San Antonio Express News "Online service connects neighbors"
2/8/99 Sacramento Bee "City neighborhoods now a click away"
1/4/99 Denver Rocky Mountain News "Mile High Tech - 100 Great Web sites"
12/26/98 The Tucson Citizen "Internet site connects Tucson neighbors in 'cyberhood'"
12/17/98 Sacramento Bee "Sacramento ties in to"
12/10/98 Vancouver Columbian "Neighbors go Online"
12/8/98 The New York Times "The Latest Internet Buzzword: Community"
10/16/98 Denver Post "City hall moves to Internet"
10/16/98 Denver Business Journal "Webb turns to Web to get message out"
7/6/98 Colorado Springs Gazette "New Web site provides a virtual neighborhood association"




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